Vice mayor of Tongcheng municipal government GUI Wencheng and his party visited Hefei Zhongheng micro Semiconductor Co., Ltd

Mr. Yuan Lei introduced the development, production and development technology, products and application fields of Zhongheng micro company to the leaders of the delegation. And accompanied the workshop. In terms of the current situation of power semiconductor industry, the development of IGBT in China and the trend of domestic replacement, both sides have conducted full exchange and interaction.

Guijingcheng said that the rapid development of Hefei hi tech Zone in recent years, especially in the layout and effect of semiconductor and integrated circuit industries, has left a deep impression. Meanwhile, Hefei hi tech Zone has many advantages in location and industrial structure, economic development and innovation ecology in recent years. Finally, the company has given affirmation and praise to the rigorous and efficient management and intelligent production process of Zhongheng micro.

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